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^ Status ^ | [[mvw2:start|Material Verwaltung 2]] | SW (Qt/C++) | Pr... emente) | {{:wiki:progress:10.png?80}} | | [[mvw1:start|Material Verwaltung 1]] ((obsolet)) | SW (Delphi ... {{:wiki:progress:100.png?80}} | | [[zeiterfassung:start|Zeiterfassung]] | SW (Delphi 6) | Programm zur... {{:wiki:progress:100.png?80}} | | [[findandphone:start|Find and Phone]] | SW (Delphi 6) | Simpler Auf
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^ t_low ^ t_high ^ t_puls ^ __t_soll__ ^ ^ Start | 1.6ms | 6.5ms | 8.1ms | 8.0ms... ge (also bei fallender und steigender Flanke) * Start-Erkennung: * Int-Change: Timer-An * Int-Timer: IR-Data muss noch low sein * --> Start erkannt wenn zwischenzeitlich kein Int-On-Change ... > 1 Empfangen * Wenn > 2.5ms und <= 8.0ms --> Start-Bit * Wenn > 8.0ms (Timer-Interrupt) --> Paus
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se purpose is obvious * Variables and functions start with a lowercase letter ==== Whitespace ==== ... the left curly brace goes in the same line as the start of the statement. Example: // wrong if (true) ... declarations always have the opening brace in the start of a line. Example: void debug(int i) { qDeb... beginning of new lines as appropriate, so you can start typing the next line of code right away. However,
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llen sollten gespeichert werden und beim nächsten Start wieder eingestellt werden. (Momentan ist dies nur... ntrols in den "Überweisungs-Formularen" übermäßig start schrumpfen. Teilweise sind auch die Buttons für "... isungen/Daueraufträge speichern und beim nächsten Start wiederherstellen. (in enthalten) --- //[... 9:38// * Daueraufträge/Terminüberweisungen beim Start aktualisieren (Einstellbar) (in enthalten
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iki:users:sod:sidebar|User Sidebar]]\\ [[:private:start|Private-Start]]\\ [[:private:todo:start|Private-ToDo]]
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your first pages ===== Your wiki needs to have a start page. As long as it doesn't exist, this link will be red: [[:start]]. Go on, follow that link and create the page.
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end time with loved ones in a separate position. Start up a landscaping design organization or even a da... ement even unless you have partners, investors or start off-up loans. It will help come up with goals to
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stroke-width="0" stroke="#000000" fill="#000000">Start</text> <line id="svg_1" y2="120" x2="40" y1="12
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sage of compensated advertising to acquire a jump start on the internet affiliate campaign program. This
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ortunity to discover a whole lot of you clients. Start with carrying out enough niche research. Sensibly
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rds to a lower credit standing. Cease damages and start repairing your credit ranking right now. For mor
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[[icd2:start|ICD2]]\\ [[|website]]
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stroke-width="0" stroke="#000000" fill="#000000">Start</text> <line id="svg_1" y2="120" x2="130" y1="1